The parish council meets regularly on the second Monday of each month (except August) at 7.30 pm, usually in Repton Community Room, Fisher Close. All residents are very welcome at these meetings. Planning applications are available for inspection from 7.15 pm. A Council Surgery can be held before a meeting if required, to allow members of the public to speak to a parish councillor in private - contact the Clerk for more information. 
Some points to note:
  • At an early stage in every meeting a few minutes are set aside for members of the public to address the council. 
  • Additionally the public are allowed an opportunity to express their opinions on planning applications.
  • You are encouraged to contact a councillor about any issues as they arise, rather than waiting for meetings.
  • A list of councillors' names and contact details is provided under 'Councillors', left.
  •  When formal business is being discussed members of the public cannot speak unless specifically invited by the Chairman.

All 2018 meetings in Repton Community Room
 at 7:30 pm, unless stated otherwise.

8 January


12 February


12 March

  Parish Meeting @ 7:00 pm

9 April


14 May

  Annual General Meeting

11 June


10 July



  No Meeting

11 September

  Parish Meeting @ 7:00 pm
in Milton Village Hall

9 October


13 November


11 December



  • Click on the date of a meeting underlined to view the council agenda.
  • Page will open in a separate window.