Parish Council Newsletter - December 2017

Consultation on the Village Hall:   The results of the consultation regarding the Parish Council applying for a Public Works Loan to help rebuild the Village Hall have now been counted! A total of 435 ballot papers were returned, of which 2 were spoiled, 337 voted 'yes' to both questions and 96 voted 'no' to either one or both questions. This represents a turnout of 38.1% of those eligible to vote, and out of the votes received 77.5% were in favour of the proposal. The Parish Council would like to thank all the volunteers, including several sixth form students from Repton School for their assistance during the count.

Councillor Vacancies:  There are currently a few vacancies on the Parish Council. As a Councillor you can become a voice for your community and participate in local matters. If you are over 18 and have lived or worked in this Parish for the last 12 months you are probably eligible to apply. Meetings are held monthly, with the exception of August, and further information regarding the role is available from the Parish Council office. Should you wish to be considered for this role please forward your full details together with the reason why you wish to become a Councillor, to Repton Parish Council, 40 High Street, Repton DE65 6GD or 

Adverse Weather:  The grit bins around the village will be replenished over the next few weeks and a reminder that the most up to date information regarding the weather, gritting activity, road and school closures can be found at 

Parking & Noise Complaints:  The Parish Council continues to receive many complaints regarding both parking
and noise issues. The main responsibility for parking complaints falls with the CEOs, who work for Derbyshire County Council. They can enforce: waiting restrictions; loading restrictions; parking in front of dropped kerbs; disabled
parking bays; double parking and other similar restrictions. Their website contains further details of their powers and they can be contacted by email: or by telephone: 01629 538671 The local Police only deal with more serious offences and our local area officers can be contacted by email: or or telephone: 101.  

For parking complaints such as blocked pavements so that a wheelchair could not pass, parking over dropped kerbs, parking too near a corner etc:
1. Email, with photographic evidence if available, to Mike Ashworth, Director, Strategy for Economy, Transport and Environment, Derbyshire County Council. Email address: 
2. Send copy to Martyn Ford, County Councillor for Repton. Email address:
For complaints about noise, in particular associated with public houses:
1. Email to: 
2. Send copy to Mark Lomas, the Licensing Manager at SDDC. Email address:
The Parish Council will also keep a record of local complaints regarding parking and noise offences, so please send a copy of any email complaints to the Parish Council office 

Village Litter Picking:  Councillor McArdle is to organize another litter picking group for early in the New Year. The last group was highly successful in improving the local area and if you would like to take part please contact either Councillor McArdle or the Parish Council office: telephone 01283 701309.

Facebook Page:  Repton Parish Council has a Facebook page to give everyone up to date information on a wide variety of subject such as local roadworks, police notifications, council consultations, neighbourhood meetings and all other topics of general interest. You do not have to be a Facebook user to view the page, just visit, click Pages and type Repton Parish Council; alternatively follow the link from the parish council website.  If you think the Facebook page is useful and ought to be encouraged please give it your seal of approval by 'liking' the page.