Parish Council Newsletter - April 2018

New Councillor:  The Parish Council is delighted to welcome a further new Councillor, Johnathan Sheldon, to the Parish Council. The Chairman, Trevor Skeith, welcomed him to our meeting and the Parish Council is now at full strength. An extremely good response was received regarding the recent vacancies and we would like to thank everyone who showed an interest in joining the Parish Council.

Potholes:  Following the recent bad weather the condition of the roads has deteriorated further and Derbyshire County Council has announced an extra 4 million pounds to speed up the repair of pot holes, adding 9 extra teams to cover the County and it is very easy and straightforward to directly report a problem: on the website if you enter 'contact us' an online form can be completed. Alternatively 'Call Derbyshire' telephone 01629 533190 is open Monday to Fridays 8.00am - 8.00pm and on Saturday from 9.30am to 4.00pm. Or, you can write to the County Council at County Hall, Matlock DE4 3AG. Please report any serious problems before an accident can happen.

Neighbourhood Development Plan: The Parish Council is pleased to report that the Plan has now been examined and has been recommended for a referendum, which will be organised by South Derbyshire District Council. The Plan is now designated as an 'Emerging Plan' which means that it has to be a material consideration when any issues detailed within the Plan are now considered for development. At the Parish Council meeting the Councillors thanked Councillor Ewan Thompson for his work on the Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Litter Bins:  The Parish Council recently ordered four new litter bins for Repton and these have now been installed. The locations are: the junction of Brook End and Boot Hill; the junction of Clayfield and Milton Road; the junction of Chestnut Way and Burton Road and on Main Street. Residents asked us to provide extra bins to help keep the local area cleaner and we will now continue to fund the servicing of these bins.

Mobile Library Service:  The Library Service has asked us to publish the dates of their local service for May to July 2018. They will be in Repton on the 15th of May, 12th of June and the 10th of July - all these dates are Tuesdays. The van will visit Askew Grove at 10.15 - 11.30am and The Square from 11.35 - 1.00pm. Please make use of this local service to ensure its continuity in the future.