Parish Council Newsletter - January 2018

Parish Precept 2018 / 2019:  Following the local referendum result the Parish Council has voted to increase the precept for next year, to allow it to apply for a Public Works Loan to fund work for Repton Village Hall. The way forward for the project is currently under discussion between the Parish Council and Repton Village Hall Committee and the Parish Council is undertaking to ensure value for money for public funds. The precept will be set at accordingly at 35.82 for a Band D house, an increase of 20.84 from the current financial year.

Dog Fouling:  We are still receiving new complaints regarding irresponsible dog owners allowing their pets to foul in public places, without clearing up after them. The Parish Council is forwarding complaints to South Derbyshire District Council and would ask that local residents also send any complaints direct to the District Council, who have the power to enforce the legal requirements. Further information can be obtained from Environmental Health, South
Derbyshire District Council: Telephone: 01283 595795 or by email: 

Adverse Weather:  The grit bins around the village have now been replenished and a reminder that the most up to date information regarding the weather, gritting activity, road and school closures can be found at  Grit bins are located on Springfield Road, The Pastures, Monsom Lane outside the Burial Ground, Monsom Lane at the junction of Milton Road, Burdett Way at the junction with Milton Road, Hill View and Red Hill Lane. The grit provided is for use on the public roads and pavements and we would please ask that it is not taken for personal use. Many thanks.