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About Repton Parish Council


Repton Parish Council represents the residents of the parish, including the villages of Repton and Milton.  Parish councils are the lowest layer of local government, sitting below district councils and county councils.

Repton parish councils has certain areas of responsibility, including:

Burial Ground - Regulations and Charges

Allotments - Information, Tenancy Agreement and Poultry Agreement

Mitre Recreation Field

Broomhills Recreation Field

Financial Information is here: Accounts

In addition to these formal responsibilities, Repton Parish Council aims to provide a voice for residents at higher levels of government.

The council consists of one paid professional, Susan Reilly, the clerk, who is the proper officer of the council (contact details above, home phone for emergencies 01332 553842), plus a number of unpaid volunteers.

Details of the councilors are given below:

Name Contact Details Register of Interest Form  
Carol Lloyd (chair)

1 Milton Road, Repton, DE65 6FZ

Carol Lloyd  
Ewan Thompson (vice-chair)

10 Wystan Court, Repton, DE65 6SA   

Ewan Thompson  
Peter Rainey

29 Monsom Lane, Repton, DE65 6FX   

Peter Rainey  
John McGahan

Brampton, 38 Milton Rd, Repton, DE65 6FZ  

John McGahan  
John Perks

16 Main St, Repton, DE65 6EZ   

John Perks  
Melbourne Thomas 6 The Pastures, Repton DE65 6GG Melbourne Thomas  
David Dickson

Longfield House, 31 Burton Road, Repton, DE65 6FN  

David Dickson  
Jonathan Sheldon

Mercia Mews, 8 Brook End, Repton

Jonathan Sheldon  
Barbara McArdle

9 Burdett Way, Repton, DE65 6GA  

Barbara McArdle  
Trevor Skeith

9 Main St, Repton, DE65 6EZ     

Trevor Skeith  
Gary Steel 2 The Hollies,off Main Street, Milton DE65 6EF Gary Steel